Weird Gizmo: The Transparent Toaster

One appliance that just hasn’t kept up with the times is the toaster.  Sure, you’d think that there wasn’t much you could improve on such a device outside of it having a setting that manages to not reduce a slice of bread to a sheet of charcoal, but you’d be wrong!  In today’s high-speed world, where we demand that our gizmos look as good as possible, giving our kitchens that futuristic look we all so desire.

To that end, we bring you the Transparent Toaster.  Using two pieces of transparent heating glass, you will be able to watch your toast as it burns.  No more guessing if that slice of bread has crossed the instant threshold between “untoasted” and “carbon”, now you can see it happen.

Interested in getting your hands on one?  Well, right now it’s a concept device and not yet available for sale.  The site Inventables has all the details though if you’re interested in the idea, as well as other strange gadgets that might be on the horizon.